Carol was awarded the Fictionista Workshop Writer of the Month!

Members of the online writing community anonymously nominated Carol for the award because of her “outstanding participation and support.” They explained why they felt she was a deserving recipient of this month’s award:

• Carol wrote the award winning novel “Without Grace” which is a beautiful
story. She is also featured quite often as a contributing writer to Huffington
Post. I find her insights into various subjects not only informative but generally on the money. She also reviews books and is able to offer
constructive criticism without being harsh but still right to the point. Carol
is very supportive of other writers, no matter the status, and is always
willing to offer advice and guidance.

• [Others could learn from her] the act of kindness, brilliant writing, strong advice and the tools needed to persevere  in this competitive field known as writing.

• I am a fan of her writing and I find the information that she posts on Facebook and other sites very helpful. I have not personally met Ms. Hoenig but I get the feeling she’s a great friend to many, a sound voice to even more and a nice nudge to keep pushing for your dreams.

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