Am I Crazy to Travel 3000 Miles in Hopes of Selling Books?

Even though I was hired several years ago to write The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events: Tips and Tools for Bookselling Success, due to my years as a National Event Coordinator scheduling author events across the country, I wonder if some people think I’m crazy to cross the country to do an event for my latest bookThe Greatest Reviews I’ve Ever Read. Sure, there’s expenses involved: air travel, hotel accommodations, several rounds of breakfast, lunch and dinner, getting to and from the airport both here and there and back again, not to mention this latest virus running rampant. It’s also quite likely that any books I do sell will not justify the trouble in most people’s eyes. So why am I going through all this inconvenience?

Well, it’s like this: I feel that my career as a writer deserves this investment, just as I did years ago when my first novel was published and I traveled up and down the eastern seaboard going to bookstores for scheduled events and book discussion groups, including one in Savannah, Georgia. (I couldn’t do the same with my second novel, since I had just opened my own bookstore and had to focus on that.) Sure, it would be easier to stay home, love up my pups, and aggressively post on Social Media in hopes that someone would be interested enough to check out any of my books, i.e., Without Grace, Of Little Faith and the aforementioned Author’s Guide and Greatest Reviews, but the competition is fierce and so when the publicist for the Hollywood Museum invited me to be one of the many authors at its Authors’ Forum, I didn’t hesitate. Well, maybe briefly I did, but not for long, especially since I’ll be doing the event with John Barbour, who is the main feature in The Greatest Reviews. It will be absolute fun to hang out with such a witty man and watch him engage with many of the other authors who will be present. There’s also the fact that I’ll get to see Peter, a former employee of Turn of the Corkscrew Books & Wine, who moved to California a few years ago, as well as Lita, a friend and former Borders Books and B&N employee with whom I have lunch plans, and then there’s dinner plans with my cousin, David, whom I haven’t seen in ages. So, there’s that. Yet, even if I didn’t have all those plans, would I consider it worth going?

The thing is I do publicity for other authors and sometimes they don’t see the value of traveling very far, (forget about across the country) to do an event, which astounds me. As I said, I believe in investing in my writing career and since I am working on my fifth novel in hopes that my agent can sell it, I consider this venture a continuation of laying the groundwork. Will it be beneficial? Who knows. Am I crazy to travel 3000 miles in hopes of selling a few books? I don’t thinks so because like I said in The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events, it’s important to create a ripple effect and sometimes, just sometimes, that ripple, one I’m willing to take a chance on, can become a powerful flow.

Therefore, if you’re reading this before Saturday, December 11, 2021, and are anywhere near the Hollywood Museum, please consider stopping by and supporting not only this author but the many others who will be in attendance no matter how far we’ve all traveled.