Without a doubt, it is not easy getting attention for one’s book. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been published by a traditional publisher, a print-on-demand publisher, or doing everything on your own, getting those desired interviews and reviews is difficult. Sending out a press release and hoping for the best is not going to work.

Carol’s approach to publicity is fresh and creative. She works with authors of both fiction and nonfiction and doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Each book is given the attention it deserves while Carol works closely with the author to help brainstorm. When you hire Carol you can expect someone who:

  • Offers Reasonable Fees
  • Has Access To A Database of Thousands of Media Contacts
  • Creates a Publicity Campaign Tailored Just for You and Your Book
  • Sends Out Review Copies to Reviewers/Interviewers for Radio, TV, Magazine, Social Media Bloggers
  • Provides a Weekly Update
  • Follows Up with Those She’s Contacted
  • Leaves No Stone Unturned
  • Works Closely With Every Author


Editorial Services & Publishing Consulting

If you are in the writing phase of your manuscript and need some guidance, award-winning author, Carol Hoenig, is available to help you with editing, putting together a book proposal and agent query letters.  She is also available for consultation. Carol’s passion is evident and her fees are reasonable.

As a publishing consultant, Carol is available to help you with the following:

• Manuscript critiques

• Book Proposals

• Query Letters

• Editing

• Publicity

• Marketing

Here is what some of have said about Carol:

“I am sooo lucky to have a pro like you. Thank you again for making it so easy and such a joy.” –John Barbour, “The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of President John F. Kennedy” and forthcoming “Your Mother’s Not a Virgin.”


“Thank you so much for this work and your patience.”—Madeline Rubin, “A World Away and a Lifetime Ago.”


“Carol Hoenig was assigned as my personal Marketing Consultant to help promote my memoir in 2009. Throughout the process, I found Carol eager to help and promote my memoir. She was knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that I had in a thorough and responsive manner. Carol was professional yet personable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her services to others looking to publish and market their writings.” –Anne Bauer, author of “The Sound of Hope”


“Ms. Carol Hoenig from our first contact treated the project as if it were her own. She solicited our “framing” of the book after she read it. Then she added her valuable advice. The relationship was always professional and personal. She was accommodating, flexible, creative and a clear and inviting writer — she always welcomed our phone calls and responded quickly to our emails. With all the challenges we have in promoting our book, Carol was a welcomed team player”.–Luis Quiros, author of “An Other’s Mind.”


“I found Carol to be very professional and timely in her feedback while working on the publicity program for my book. She answered all of my questions and concerns, and I was impressed with the range of contacts she had in my particular genre.” –Chad Stewart, author of “The Church History Through Catechism.”


“My interactions with Carol Hoenig were extremely positive. She was frequently in contact with me though out our relationship and always available for my questions. I found her advice to be very helpful and I learned a lot though her mentoring. I would definitely work with her again.” -Lee Mandel, author of “Moryak”


“Carol has done a great job in helping me to get my book, Bethlehem’s Brothers, published and sold. Having her as a “Director” on where to go for different aspects of the publishing process was extremely valuable.”–Ronald Hera author of “Bethlehem’s Brothers”


“Working with Carol Hoenig has been both positive and pleasant. Carol qualifies as consumate professional when working on the project at hand, and finds new pathways for helping her clients. Her attitude and work ethic can only be classified as excellent, and Carol upholds the meaning of that.” –Harris F. Allen author of “Somewhere in the Bible”


“Carol has been an excellent guide throughout the publicity process. She searched far and wide for media outlets and other interested parties related to my book’s target demographic and subject and sent weekly update with the status of her contacts. Her efforts certainly paid off, leading me to nationally-recoginzed reviews from Midwest Book Review and Reader Views Kids, reviews I am sure I would not have obtained without her. Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting Carol in person at the first Indie Authors Conference, but even though our prior communication was primarily e-mail with a few phone calls, I felt like she had known me for a long time.Carol is an excellent publicist and writer with outstanding knowledge of authors and of the publishing industry. I would recommend her to to any and all authors.” –Jessica R. Kratz, author of “Sleigh Bells in Springtime: Â Frogs Calling”


“I have been working with Carol for a few months. I have been very impressed with all that she does every week. I really like that she keep me posted every week about what she has done, and even sends me a copy of all those she has contacted. She has been the only positive thing that I have experienced since the beginning of publishing my book.” -Kim Cormier, (Courtney Chambers) author of “Destined for Disease”


“Carol Hoenig was a help to me in promoting and arranging interviews for my book. She was available to me when I needed her. I would recommend her to anyone interested in her services.”–Terry Fisher, author of “Conversations with My Son”


“I hired Carol back in 2010 and it was definitely the most important step, I took since I completed publishing “Laundry Wisdom”. Ms. Hoenig is professional, hard working, and straightforward and yes, really does care about your work. I had to remind myself at times that my book was not the only book she was working on at the time. My advice to any one that works with her is that you “Follow what she tells you and be ready to work harder than ever. Carol does not possess a “magical wand” although at times you may think she does. I still do believe she is the magic key at iUniverse.” -Carin Froehlich, author of “Laundry Wisdom”


 “I’m so glad I have your help with this or I never would have gotten this far. You have been absolutely outstanding and I appreciate how you’ve taken the time to teach me. You are an amazing lady and I hope to have the chance to meet you in person one day because I owe you a big hug. Your praise pushed me through when I thought I was in over my head and your direction was helpful when I rattled on and on. It was a great balance of teaching skills to the one who knew nothing about this industry and I am grateful you spent your time helping me.” – Jennifer Blyth, author of Escaped the Night

“The tips and techniques you generously shared have given me confidence and assurance, and I’m ready! You pointed out many opportunities to promote. I’m taking them one at a time and now have a full-time job I love. Thanks again. I will keep you in mind as my new career grows knowing I have a professional to consult who knows what she’s doing.” — Jennifer Monahan, Author of AN AMERICAN IN OZ

Comments from New York Roundtable Writers’ Conference attendees:

“Carol Hoenig was the nicest and most helpful person I’ve ever met in the industry. Carol answered all my questions in a kind and considerate way.”

“Carol Hoenig helped me with ideas about events for my self-published books.”

“Carol was outstanding.”


“I very much enjoyed your talk; you
are my role model for small press success!”
—Cindy Gallagher (aka Cynthia Polansky)
FAR ABOVE RUBIES by Cynthia Polansky

“Excellent workshop at the BEA.  You gave so much wonderful information, I
can’t wait to go through all of my notes.  I learned so much.” — Author, Janet Spurr

“It was great meeting you and participating in your interesting seminar at the recent BookExpo in Washington, D.C.  I wish it was a weekend seminar with you, instead of only an hour.  Ray Seager, my business associate and I walked away from your Seminar in Washington D.C. saying -”it was the most informative session of the entire Expo”  – You’re terrific Carol!   Love your ideas, your energy, your knowledge, experience, creativity, & sensitivity.  It all works!!!–Barbara Valentine, author of WHO Really Gives A RAT’s ASS! Journal

My resume for your perusal:

Carol Hoenig

(516) 435-7545



President of Carol Hoenig Publishing Consultant, Inc., and co-owner of Turn of the Corkscrew, Books & Wine


Freelance Writer and Editor

  • Author of the novel, Of Little Faith
  • Monthly columnist for Digital Americana Magazine
  • Editor for Jennifer Blythe’s Escaped the Night  (iUniverse)
  • Editor for Edward Byrne’s Love’s Not Over ‘til It’s Over (Sixby Literary)
  • Editor for John Babour’s Your Mother’s Not a Virgin (being considered by Skyhorse Publishers)
  • Editor for Patrick Andendall’s Stupidparty: Math V Myth (Fact Over Fiction Publishing)
  • Editor for Maria Sorbara Mora’s Integrated Eating (To be published by Routledge)
  • Editor Chris Richarde’s YA novel, Jonathan Dray’s and the Dragons of Sion  (Still a work-in-progress)
  • Editor for Harold Spielman’s Suddenly Solo series
  • Novelist of multi-award-winning novel Without Grace
  • Author of the award-winning book The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events
  • Contributed to Arianna Huffington’s On Becoming Fearless
  • The Huffington Post
  • Contributor for, Radical Academy, The Raw Story, Long Island Journal, Long Island Voice, Media, Woman This Month, Small,, Women For Hire
  • Hired by Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson to blog for and contribute to her New York Times bestseller  Will Work From Home
  • Ghostwriter for numerous clients
  • contributor
  • Acquisitions Editor for BenBella Books
  • Editor for newsletters, children and adult novels, and non-fiction
  • Manuscript Evaluator/Editor for Author Solutions for numerous titles of various genres
  • Worthy Shorts


Freelance Publicist

  • Booked events on C-SPAN Book TV, WGBB Tonite, TV’s Davidson & Co., Writers on The Vine at Palmer Vineyards, Port Washington Theatre, Sirius Radio, WWRL Books That Matter
  • Publicity for Prospecta Press fiction authors
  • Toured Elliot D. Cohen and Arthur Kent to promote News, Incorporated
  • Freelance basis for Wiley Publishers
  • Publicist for Betty Marvin, former wife of Lee Marvin
  • Small Press Center Month Coordinator for the New York Center for Independent Publishing
  • Publicity for numerous self-published authors



1995 to 2005: BORDERS, Marketing
National Events Specialist

  • Liaison for major publishers including Wiley, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin, Perseus Book Group, PGW, The Penguin Group and HarperCollins
  • Working with publishers on arranging author events on a national level
  • Working with publicity departments to arrange media in connection with store events
  • Working with publishers on allocating co-op funds to stores for book signings
  • Maintained a fiscal budget for author events (1995-2001)
  • Coordinate off-site events for stores

Extracurricular Activities:           

    • Teach writing courses
    • Panelist for the New York University Summer Publishing Program, 2009
    • Director and Writer-In-Residence for Old Forge Library Adirondack Summer Writer’s Workshop, 2008
    • Advisory council member for Author Solutions
    • Guest speaker for Hofstra University Summer Writing Program, 2008
    • Panelist for The New York Center for Independent Publishing, 2008
    • Member of Women’s Media Group
    • Lectured at BookExpo, Washington, DC 2006 and Jacob Javits Center, 2007 on writing, marketing and self-publishing.
    • Spoke to Writer’s Group at Suffolk Community College regarding the industry
    •  Marketing Roundtable Committee Member for the National Book Foundation
    • Member of Advisory Council and Coordinating committee for the Small Press Center and Independent Booksellers Book Fair.  Arranged C-SPAN Book TV coverage for the Small Press Center.
    • Member of the coordinating committee for the Long Island Festival of Books.
    • Moderated panel discussion at the Long Island Festival of Books in Glen Cove, Long Island with  Laurie Foos, Louisa Thomas Hargrave, Heather Dune McAdam, Tom Piazza and James Siegel  (2004)
    • Fund-raising committee member for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic—NYC division
    • Arranged press party for the launch of Black Issues Book Review Magazine (1998)
    • Lectured at New York University (2001) Publishing and Marketing in the Bookselling World
    • Developed Book Fairs for local schools
    • Guest co-host on Books That Matter WWRL radio with Leroy Baylor
  • Member and symposium panelist for the International Women’s Writing Guild



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