What I’m Thinking: A Bit of a Distraction

 I like to be consistent with my weekly blog, but this week has thrown a curve ball. Besides needing to meet some deadlines, I was finally ready to welcome a new “pup” into my home. (It’s been over three weeks now since I had to say goodbye to Logan.) His name is Louis and for now he’s a foster. He’s acclimating so well and seems like he belongs. I just may be a foster failure. The thing is, when it comes to rescuing, info about the pup is limited. All we know for sure about Louis is that he was on the streets of Baltimore and an absolute mess before being transported to Long Island’s Yorkie911 Rescue. The second I saw his photo posted, I asked to foster him. There was something about his soulful eyes that pulled me in. So, on Sunday, in the torrential downpour, my friend took the 30-minute ride with me to pick him up; I was eager to get him settled.

It astounds me the luck I’ve had with these fosters. They should be distrustful and perhaps even nasty for what they’ve been through, but both Logan and Louis were and are willing to trust me. Still, I am a bit distracted this week, so this blog is short. As far as I’m concerned, though, Louis deserves my attention while he’s figuring out how he fits in. Hopefully, I’ll be back here next week back in the swing of things. Meanwhile, here are before and after photos of Louis.